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About Us

Greenwood Counseling Center

EMDR Therapy Specialists

Greenwood Counseling Center is a group practice providing counseling and psychotherapy that empowers clients to become the best versions of themselves.

We all long for happiness and satisfaction in life and we want to understand how we fit in to the world around us.

Our Philosophy

We believe in resilience.

With that in mind, there are two primary goals for the therapy we provide: One is to foster empowerment and strength in our clients and the other is to provide a means for not only healing, but growing from past painful experiences.

We believe in expertise.

It can be difficult to move out of a stuck place; and, we know that finding the right person to help can be hard. We bring to our work a unique specialization, solid professional counseling experience, extensive training, and the education that comes from life experience.

We believe in convenience.

We understand that juggling responsibilities, relationships and the many demands on your time and energy is difficult, especially when trying to recover from a trauma or loss, or when stuck in uncomfortable feelings such as anxiety and depression.

Our Specialties

Fostering healing and catharsis from PTSD, trauma, anxiety, grief and more.

Creating lasting change to help clients feel fulfilled and empowered. 

Helping couples and families mend relationships to feel connected and understood. 

Helping children and teens reach their full potential. 

The Team

Tamra Hughes EMDR Greenwood Counseling Center, Denver Colorado

Owner / MA, LPC

II’m a seasoned EMDRIA Approved EMDR Trainer, EMDRIA Approved Consultant and Certified Therapist, and provide counseling, and EMDR therapy to help my clients heal.

headshot of Tiffany Freer LCSW Greenwood Counseling Center


I am an LCSW, as well as an EMDR Certified therapist and an EMDRIA Approved Consultant. I enjoy working with people of all ages.


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and am an EMDRIA Approved Consultant and EMDR Certified Therapist.


I am a Licensed Professional counselor and EMDRIA Approved Consultant and EMDR Certified Therapist and enjoy working with adults and couples.


I’m an EMDR Certified Therapist and EMDRIA Approved Consultant in Training and started my career in 2005 working with the foster care and adoption system.


I am a LPC and LAC as well as an EMDR Certified Therapist. I have practiced in the mental health field for over decade helping people with trauma and addictions.


I am a bilingual psychologist and EMDR trained therapist and specialize in work with children and adolescents, although I work with all ages.


I am a retired Navy helicopter pilot and EMDR Trained therapist. It is my passion to help others along their journey.

Amy Beith, LPCC square headshot Greenwood Counseling center therapist Denver Colorado

EMDR Trained Therapist

Amy has more than 20 years of training and experience in a variety of healing art modalities.

Intake Coordinator

Julie has spent many years working as the intake coordinator for Greenwood Counseling Center and is your first contact when calling.

Call (303) 221-1272 for a 15 minute free initial phone consultation. You may also email us to schedule a time to talk over the phone. We are happy to answer any questions you may have so that you can feel confident starting your path to healing.