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Our philosophy.

We believe in convenience. We understand that juggling responsibilities, relationships and the many demands on your time and energy is difficult, especially when trying to recover from a trauma or loss, or when stuck in uncomfortable feelings such as anxiety and depression. These feelings can be inhibitive and burdensome when you have added stressors leaving you with a lack of time for yourself. At Greenwood Counseling Center we provide counseling in Centennial, CO located in the Denver Tech Center area, and also offer counseling in Lakewood, CO at a convenient location at 6th Ave. and S. Union Blvd., less than ten minutes from downtown Denver, Golden, Arvada, Littleton, and many other surrounding areas. Both of our locations are very easy to access from business centers and residential areas alike.

We are also happy to be offering the option of online therapy, for standard talk therapy and also EMDR therapy session, using a HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform or via phone.

We believe in resilience. With that in mind, there are two primary goals for the therapy we provide: One is to foster empowerment and strength in our clients and the other is to provide a means for not only healing, but growing from past painful experiences. We have decades of experience using evidence based therapies to bring true resolution from emotional pain. With expert specialization in EMDR therapy, we help you move past difficult experiences, so that you not only feel better, but are able to tap into your own unique strengths and become the best and strongest version of yourself.

We believe in expertise. It can be difficult to move out of a stuck place; and, we know that finding the right person to help can be hard. We bring to our work a unique specialization, solid professional counseling experience, extensive training, and the education that comes from life experience. For each of us, understanding our own story helps us to better manage our perspectives and how they impact relationships, behavior and emotions. We are here to listen and to help you grow into the happiest, most satisfied version of yourself.

By providing counseling in Centennial, CO and counseling in Lakewood, CO we have multiple options to make it easier for our clients to fit high quality self care into their busy schedules. Give us a call and get started on a path toward thriving.

Our Specialties.


Fostering healing and catharsis from PTSD, trauma, anxiety, grief and more. We are highly trained in EMDR therapy, and not only provide this therapy to clients, but also provide EMDR Consultation to other therapists. Our therapists  are all extremely experienced in EMDR therapy, providing EMDRIA Approved EMDR therapy training for therapists through our EMDR Center of the Rockies division.


Creating lasting change to help clients feel fulfilled and empowered.  Every single person struggles from time to time.  Each of our therapists have personal experience with challenges, and bring compassion and understanding to our therapy.  We are inspired to help our clients see and feel their own internal beauty and to find healing in the aftermath of trauma, or emerge from the midst of pain.


Helping couples and families mend relationships to feel connected and understood.  We see tremendous value in working with important relationships to bring peace to family and couple units and to improve the way our clients feel individually.


Helping children and teens reach their full potential. We put tremendous energy into helping youth heal from wounds, develop the capacity to feel good about themselves, manage peer pressure and stress,  harness their unique strengths and to communicate effectively with peers and family members.  We also have therapists that  regularly run teen girls groups to help teens learn to navigate the challenges of middle school and high school.

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