Erica Reimer, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

The human response to life’s wonderful highs and devastating lows is what first led to my interest in psychology and my desire to understand how and why we as humans do what we do. Ultimately, it led me to find a passion for helping others as they work through the ups and downs in their lives.

I have worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for over two decades helping adolescents as well as adults of all ages process and transform themselves. I began my career working in large hospital systems helping others cope with acute, chronic, and terminal medical illness. I witnessed the resilience and fortitude of the human spirit when facing some of life’s most serious challenges, including one’s end of life. I also gained experience and interest in working with women throughout the reproductive life cycle helping them cope with peri and postpartum mood changes, infertility, or pregnancy and infant loss. Since then, I have worked in outpatient therapy settings focusing on a variety of issues, including trauma, grief and loss, self-esteem and relationship issues, identity crises, and life transitions.

My career and experience working with diverse populations has continued to foster my interest in helping others understand themselves, recognize their patterns and habits, and make sense of their history. My knowledge and training in several theoretical models helps me create an individualized approach that is unique to every client. I utilize a strengths-based, attachment, and emotion-focused perspective to help clients identify and work toward their goals. I have specialized training in EMDR Therapy and have come to recognize it as an effective and useful approach to trauma, particularly with people who are struggling to fully process these issues through talk therapy alone. Additionally, I utilize somatic and mindfulness techniques to help clients enhance their mind-body connection and strengthen nervous system regulation.

My sole focus is to assist individuals on their journey to healing by providing compassion and support in a safe, healing environment. I look forward to meeting you.

About Me:

After multiple visits to the majestic mountains of Colorado, I moved here several years ago from the Midwest. My love of nature and the particular beauty found in the Rocky Mountains has me seeking every opportunity to explore new trails and take photographs. In the moments when I am not in nature, you can find me spending time with my family and friends, reading, learning something new, or exploring what the rest of Colorado has to offer.