Dawn Venable, MA, LPC


  • EMDR Certified Therapist

It is tough today to be a teen or pre-teen. Social media and COVID have made this time the most unique time in history to be going through puberty. My experience working in residential therapy for adjudicated youth, adolescent behavioral health facilities and public schools has guided me to my passion to help specialize in working with kids and teens who struggle with anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, high-functioning autism, and attachment issues. Understanding how the adolescent brain works is critical to tapping into the resiliency and strength inside of all of them. This is the most major life transformation they will ever experience and sometimes teens need guidance from an external source. Working with your teen in a non-judgmental safe space, they will work through what is happening within them and create solutions for themselves. Empowerment and resiliency are at the core of my practice. I am certified in CBT and DBT with EMDR as the cornerstone of my practice. 

Many of my clients struggle in school for a variety of reasons and sometimes additional support can be found with a 504 plan or IEP (Individualized Education Plan). I can assist families with the often-confusing process of how to request a plan and how to work with the school to develop the most comprehensive plan for your child. In therapy, we work on advocacy skills as well as ways to alleviate the feelings that accompany difficulty in school. Negative behaviors in school are a manifestation of a feeling of inadequacy or feeling lost. We can also address these through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness Training, and Play Therapy.

About Me:

I was born and raised in the Midwest in Cincinnati, Ohio before moving to Colorado to attend Metro State University. I instantly fell in love with everything about Colorado and feel so fortunate to be able to head up to the mountains whenever the urge strikes. When I’m not in the mountains, I can be found at a play at DCPA, comedy shows, reading, running or even at TopGolf with family and friends. Colorado provides the perfect balance for me. Working with kids is also a family endeavor for us as my husband and I also own an i9 sports franchise in North Denver. This keeps us busy offering multiple sports at multiple venues in five different league seasons throughout the year. Our daughter attends the University of Washington in Seattle and is actively involved in Girls on the Run while studying Psychology. We visit Seattle frequently and like to attend Husky football games in the fall and basketball games in the winter.