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Developing Confidence in Making Tough Decisions

How often do you find yourself stuck between two options (or more) wavering for days, weeks, or months to determine the ideal choice? If so, you are not alone as research has shown that there are many people in today’s society struggling with this on a daily basis. It is important to note that it [...]

Finding Inspiration

We’ve all been there: the times when we are lacking motivation, inspiration or direction. It can be a frustrating experience and one in which it feels difficult to stay motivated and continue to grow without encouragement. We all need sources of inspiration, whether it be hearing about how another person overcame their struggles or successfully [...]

Beauty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Beauty is only skin deep. Don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. These sayings have been heard a thousand times, but like all clichés their popularity can keep us from thinking of the deeper meaning. These clichés refer to the relationship between inner and outer beauty. Outer beauty, [...]

Adjusting to Change

One thing that is inevitable in life is that we will face change. Whether its going away to college, moving to a new state, ending a relationship, or getting a new job, you must learn to acclimate to your new set of circumstances. Dealing with change can be a struggle, but creating a strategy to [...]

The Meaning We Make of Our Experiences

One of my favorite facts about the mind is that memories are stored in a way that has much less to do with the memory of an actual experience than it does to do with the meaning we attribute to it. Meaning is at the crux of everything we do and everything that motivates us. [...]

To Share or Not To Share: Disclosing Mental Illness

The stigma and misunderstanding of mental illness is a hot topic in the media as of late.  Efforts are being made nationwide to change the way it is viewed and to help offer awareness to the public. Currently, our society struggles with supplying enough mental health resources, not only to those who need to be [...]

Helping Teens Manage Emotions

The teenage years are often wrought with dramatically changing emotions that can, at times, seem overwhelming. The teenage body, mind, and emotions are all changing at once. To the teen, it can feel overwhelming, confusing, and even frightening. As teens grow into young adults, they face new responsibilities, new peers, higher expectations, more challenging choices, [...]

Managing Emotions

Learning to respond rationally to an emotionally charged situation can be challenging. Many people struggle with learning to effectively manage their emotions. Whether it is coping with deeply sad feelings following a relationship break up, or trying to handle angry feelings that ensue in a disagreement with a partner, managing emotions can be challenging at [...]

Trauma Recovery: Weathering the Storm

Life comes with hardships and traumas, both large and small, that ebb and flow, some more challenging than others. Some individuals are remarkable in their ability to manage these hardships and ultimately use the challenges as catalysts for thriving. These people are examples from which we all can learn and here are just a few [...]

Peaceful tip for regulating stress

  How I love to think about the beach.  Whether it is in the middle of a Colorado winter, or the middle of the summer, I find great peace thinking of the rolling waves, gentle breezes, salty aroma, and warm sand of a beach.  Many therapists refer to this as a safe place, but  I [...]