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How to Talk to a Teen Who Refuses to Talk

It’s no secret that the teenage years are tough. It can feel like the child that once depended on you for just about everything now wants just about nothing to do with you.   Parenting through the teenage years can feel like a foreign territory, regardless of how many children you’ve raised. You can rest [...]

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Tips for Developing a Healthy Relationship with Yourself

Whether you are struggling with trauma, depression or simply balancing the pressures of daily life and stress, finding a way to stay centered can be invaluable. One way that is beneficial in establishing balance is developing a positive relationship with oneself. The relationship with self defines our inner world, and the way we process information [...]

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Advantages of Learning Something New

It can be easy to overlook the value of learning when it is routine in school. However, once we complete our formal education, we generally have to take on the responsibility of discovery for ourselves. Some of us face the issue of motivation, being burnt out from so many years of schooling. It may take [...]

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Handling “Drama”

“Drama”, the catch-all phrase that is often used to describe an overreaction to stress, disagreements, negativity and other sometimes frustrating life events. Many people believe it is avoidable and unnecessary, even dramatic people feel this way, when on the wrong side of it. However, stress is a constant in life. Some situations will naturally cause [...]

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Is it Guilt or is it Shame? (And what to do with it.)

As we begin a new year, traditionally we consider a New Year’s resolution, or new goals for improving our life or our felt sense of who we are. For some, what comes with this is a sense of remorse for not having made the changes, or met the goals sooner. In some cases, that remorse [...]

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The Challenges of Being a Teenager in a Cyber World

Being a teenager in this day and age has a multitude of unique challenges that are only reinforced by the progression of technology and the Internet. These unique challenges and stressors are taking a toll on the mental health of our youth and require special understanding and support. The American Psychological Association cited American teenagers [...]

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Self-Compassion: The Importance of Being Kind to Yourself

No one ever argues the value of a supportive best friend, particularly during those rough patches when we stumble and fall throughout life’s journey.   Best friends are there during those less proud moments, to validate our feelings, remind us that we’re not alone in our suffering, and normalize the fact that mistakes happen to everyone. [...]

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Seek First to Understand…(Yourself)

Do you ever feel you are just a pebble in the water, washed wherever the tide takes you? Is it sometimes hard for you to take a stand or feel like you don’t fully know who you are as an individual? This is an experience everyone goes through at different times in life as they [...]

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3 Tips for Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child

Intelligence, as measured in the traditional sense (IQ or “book smart”) is not the only contributing factor to being successful in life. Emotional intelligence (EI), can be a more accurate predictor of adaptability to situations, which equates to being successful in whatever challenges life throws your way.   Not only does being emotionally intelligent help you [...]

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Beauty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Beauty is only skin deep. Don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. These sayings have been heard a thousand times, but like all clichés their popularity can keep us from thinking of the deeper meaning. These clichés refer to the relationship between inner and outer beauty. Outer beauty, [...]