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Tips for Getting Through Tough Times

Let me start by saying, you are stronger than you think you are.  How do I know this? Struggle is part of life and as a result, no person is exempt. You have tried to get through tough things before, and know how hard it can be. Maybe you are even trying to get through [...]

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Learning to Forgive Yourself

Ruminating and worrying about mistakes you have made can be very frustrating, anxiety provoking and shame inducing.  Making mistakes is an inherent part of life, but knowing how to acknowledge them, learn from them, let go of them and move on can be challenging at best.  Here are some tips to help in the process [...]

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Signs Your Relationship With Yourself Needs Work

We all know that relationships need work, and in general, what we put into them is what we get out of them. No doubt, you are careful about putting significant effort into your marriage and family. You most likely put time and thought into your relationships with friends, neighbors, and coworkers. But how often do [...]

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Manage Stress and Increase Wellbeing

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by stress and anxiety, you are not alone. Everyone has days, weeks or phases in life that are overwhelming and stressful. However, there are many ways that people cope with these times of overwhelm and not all of them are productive or healthy. Lack of good ways to manage stress can [...]

Two Ways to Shift Perception and Feel Happier

At any given moment, people are taking in sensory information from their environment, making sense of this information, and incorporating their interpretation into the narrative of their lives. Each second of the day, the brain is bombarded with sensory information, though most of this information never makes it into our awareness.  In reality, the brain organ [...]

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Improve Your Emotional Wellbeing on Your Day Off

Whether it’s a surprise snow-day or a Sunday free from plans, why not spend your next non-work day contributing to your emotional health.   Not all of us can take regular vacations in order to “re-set” and build up our emotional resiliency.   If we do not have the time or money to jet to the beach, [...]

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5 Benefits of Reading a Good Book

Do you find yourself only reading when school or work requires it?  Sometimes it can be hard to get past those demands to set aside the time to read for leisure. While you may be used to reading as a chore, if you find the right book, it can be quite the indulgence. To help get you motivated [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Get the Most Out of Therapy

Therapy is an investment in one’s own health and happiness.   Therapy can be life changing, but the choice to start therapy can be deterred by concerns about how much it will cost, how long it will take, and whether it will work.   Here, I list out 5 simple tips for those who are new or [...]

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Self-Compassion: The Importance of Being Kind to Yourself

No one ever argues the value of a supportive best friend, particularly during those rough patches when we stumble and fall throughout life’s journey.   Best friends are there during those less proud moments, to validate our feelings, remind us that we’re not alone in our suffering, and normalize the fact that mistakes happen to everyone. [...]

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Work the Body, Heal the Mind

Exercise is an important activity many of us struggle to incorporate into our lives. While the physical benefits are obvious, the valuable mental ones may be overlooked. When you are looking for ways to cope with anxiety, stress, depression, and various difficult emotions, consider physical exercise. Getting motivated: Some other things can make exercising easier. [...]