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Self-Compassion: The Importance of Being Kind to Yourself

No one ever argues the value of a supportive best friend, particularly during those rough patches when we stumble and fall throughout life’s journey.   Best friends are there during those less proud moments, to validate our feelings, remind us that we’re not alone in our suffering, and normalize the fact that mistakes happen to everyone. [...]

Work the Body, Heal the Mind

Exercise is an important activity many of us struggle to incorporate into our lives. While the physical benefits are obvious, the valuable mental ones may be overlooked. When you are looking for ways to cope with anxiety, stress, depression, and various difficult emotions, consider physical exercise. Getting motivated: Some other things can make exercising easier. [...]

Exploring difficult emotions

Worried about beginning counseling for fear of dredging up unpleasant memories? Unfortunately, many people miss out on the benefits of trauma counseling due to bad experiences with previous therapy, or anxiety about what it will be like to explore difficult memories. Furthermore, people who have a bad experience opening up with overwhelming difficult emotions, particularly that [...]

Beauty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Beauty is only skin deep. Don’t judge a book by its cover. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. These sayings have been heard a thousand times, but like all clichés their popularity can keep us from thinking of the deeper meaning. These clichés refer to the relationship between inner and outer beauty. Outer beauty, [...]

To Share or Not To Share: Disclosing Mental Illness

The stigma and misunderstanding of mental illness is a hot topic in the media as of late.  Efforts are being made nationwide to change the way it is viewed and to help offer awareness to the public. Currently, our society struggles with supplying enough mental health resources, not only to those who need to be [...]

Fighting the Winter Blues

Winter: it’s cold, the days are short, and there is less sunlight. Even though the season comes around every year, for some people it doesn’t make the drawbacks any more desirable. There are certainly upsides to the winter, like hot chocolate, holidays, and fires in the fireplace, or snow sports. However, for others, these positives aren’t [...]

Nutrition and Wellness: Eating your feelings, the right way.

Food is a necessary part of life, growth, healing and even comfort. Food fuels our bodies and can impact everything from physical health to mental wellness.   In order to ensure that food’s impact is positive, making the right food choices is important. Below are a few healthy food choices that can have a positive impact [...]

Emotional Benefits of Pets

Let’s face it, there is no unconditional love quite like that of a pet. Their loving eyes, playful nature and cuddle ability is hard to match! The emotional benefits of pets are tremendous and extend beyond mental wellness to improved physical health. There is ample research supporting the various advantages of owning a loving animal. [...]

Managing Emotions

Managing emotions, particularly in  emotionally charged situations can be challenging. Many people struggle with learning to experience emotions without feeling the need to act on them. Whether it is coping with deeply sad feelings following a relationship break up, or trying to handle angry feelings that ensue in a disagreement with a partner, managing emotions [...]

Peaceful tip for regulating stress

  How I love to think about the beach.  Whether it is in the middle of a Colorado winter, or the middle of the summer, I find great peace thinking of the rolling waves, gentle breezes, salty aroma, and warm sand of a beach.  Many therapists refer to this as a safe place, but  I [...]