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What to Look For in an EMDR Therapist

EMDR therapy is fast becoming a common therapy in which many therapists are trained.  That said, not all clinicians are correctly using EMDR therapy, which can be ineffective, upsetting or destabilizing for clients. This is unfortunate because there is so much potential for healing that can come from good EMDR therapy, but it can be hard to [...]

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Tips for Managing PTSD

PTSD, the acronym for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, can be an invasive and crippling disorder that is the unfortunate aftermath of trauma. The depression, re-intrusive thoughts, panic and anxiety can take a huge toll on quality of life. Although most people seek therapy for this disorder, they struggle with managing PTSD in between sessions. Here [...]

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What is the Difference Between PTSD and Complex PTSD?

There is extensive information in the media these days describing PTSD, and as a result many people are generally familiar with it's symptoms.  I often receive calls for therapy from potential clients stating that they believe they have PTSD. They are feeling anxious, depressed and are having re-intrusive thoughts about a traumatic experience. Although these [...]

Thrive Notes

If you have ever struggled with maintaining a mindset of positive growth and change, here is a tool that may help towards that end. Thrive Notes is a workbook written by Tamra Hughes, MA, LPC “containing tools and activities for daily reflection. It is for documenting personal reminders of one’s coping skills, triggers, strengths and [...]

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Exploring difficult emotions

Worried about beginning counseling for fear of dredging up unpleasant memories? Unfortunately, many people miss out on the benefits of trauma counseling due to bad experiences with previous therapy, or anxiety about what it will be like to explore difficult memories. Furthermore, people who have a bad experience opening up with overwhelming difficult emotions, particularly that [...]

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EMDR Therapy: 3 Great Benefits

Panic, anxiety, sadness, nightmares or simply feeling stuck or frustrated in relationships- trauma can create problems that invade many aspects of life.  Although there are numerous forms of therapy that are used to treat PTSD, trauma and anxiety, EMDR therapy stands out as one of the most effective. For many people experiencing these unpleasant feelings or [...]

Coping with Trauma, Crisis and Tragedy

  Following the tragic events of the Movie Theater shooting, and other horrific events over the last decade or two, it is frequently difficult for individuals to cope with the feelings and anxiety that are elicited by those tragedies.  Regardless of whether you were witness to the scene, knew someone who was a victim of, [...]

Cultivating Hope

Victor Frankl, a famous psychologist, said that suffering without meaning equates to despair.  So how do we find meaning in our experiences? Knowing how to find meaning in challenges is one of the hallmarks of having hope.  So what can be done to foster this important attribute? Look for how you can take something positive [...]

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Learning from Mistakes: A step in personal growth

We all make mistakes that we regret, but they are the impetus for personal growth. The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.-- John Dewey                                                                                                                             I think most people would agree, it is impossible to get through life without making mistakes; mistakes in judgment, mistakes in planning, mistakes [...]

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