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Anxiety in Kids: Helping Your Child Manage Their Worries

  If you have a child who struggles with anxiety, it can be challenging to know how to best help them to cope and recover from it.   Children may become clingy or defiant, reclusive, tired from lack of sleep, or tearful.  As a parent, it can be both heartbreaking and frustrating to see them struggle.  [...]

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How to Talk to a Teen Who Refuses to Talk

It’s no secret that the teenage years are tough. It can feel like the child that once depended on you for just about everything now wants just about nothing to do with you.   Parenting through the teenage years can feel like a foreign territory, regardless of how many children you’ve raised. You can rest [...]

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The Challenges of Being a Teenager in a Cyber World

Being a teenager in this day and age has a multitude of unique challenges that are only reinforced by the progression of technology and the Internet. These unique challenges and stressors are taking a toll on the mental health of our youth and require special understanding and support. The American Psychological Association cited American teenagers [...]

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3 Tips for Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child

Intelligence, as measured in the traditional sense (IQ or “book smart”) is not the only contributing factor to being successful in life. Emotional intelligence (EI), can be a more accurate predictor of adaptability to situations, which equates to being successful in whatever challenges life throws your way.   Not only does being emotionally intelligent help you [...]

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