The Untold Truths About Using PTSD Treatment for Treating Seniors

Even older people may sometimes suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, so this type of problem is not just something that affects the youth. And there are many reasons why seniors may have to deal with PTSD, not only war traumas, but also natural disasters, car accidents, losing someone dear, or even past childhood experiences, namely unsolved issues that they never had the chance to fix.

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But we have to admit that the symptoms may look different than in the case of younger people. According to EMDR therapy Denver clinicians, symptoms could include memory problems, physical issues, or mood changes, so it is not always about flashbacks and nightmares.

No matter the symptoms you are struggling with, it is very important to get a proper diagnosis. PTSD is often mistaken for signs of aging or dementia. At any rate, the good news is PTSD can be successfully treated even at an older age, with the help of counseling, therapy and, sometimes, with medication also. So you should never lose hope and try to look for professional help instead.

At the same time, seniors who have PTSD need a lot of support from the part of their family and friends, because they may often feel isolated and neglected. And strong support can do a lot to help them recover sooner.