Common Mental Health Problems Affecting Teenagers

If you think that your teenager may have some mental health issues, professionals who specialize in adolescent psychotherapy in Denver warn us that it is very important to know how to recognize the signs. For instance, your teenager may feel really sad, hopeless, and unmotivated for a long time. They might lose interest in doing things they used to enjoy.

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Anxiety is another common problem that your teenager may experience, so that your kid feels very worried, fearful, or nervous about things, even if they are not dangerous. It can make them really stressed out. In fact, stress happens when teenagers feel overwhelmed by school, family, or other pressures, and this can lead to physical and mental strain.

Bullying is, unfortunately, another thing that teenagers are often exposed to, especially in school, and it can make them feel not only sad or anxious but also unsafe. Not to mention that some teenagers might hurt themselves intentionally, like cutting or burning, to cope with their tremendous emotional pain.

There can also be eating disorders such as anorexia (eating too little) and bulimia (eating too much, then vomiting) that can affect a teenager’s relationship with food and their body. To escape their problems, some teenagers might start using drugs or alcohol, and this can lead to addictions.