Can EMDR Practices Help with Pre-Marital Issues

Being in a relationship with someone involves going through difficult situations together.

Solving all the issues in your relationship that might exist before getting married is a crucial step to avoid doubts or second thoughts.

If a long-distance relationship is your issue, you will see that time is like a candle: if it is strong, time will maintain the flame, if is already consumed, time will extinguish it.

EMDR counseling

However, giving it time is not always the solution for all the pre-marital issues. In order to arise and get your relationship back on track, you might need to seek the advice of a professional that will help you heal faster and also understand your past traumas that lead to the present situation. EMDR counseling practices are a good option for those who want to overcome a difficult pre-marital situation in their life and feel finally able to start everything all over again.

During the therapy, you might experiment with unpleasant feelings, but it is part of the healing process: emotions must be expressed, even the negative ones, in order to lower their intensity and power that affect your life. The therapist will lead you through the process and you will be the one who will express all your feelings and memories related to your relationship or past traumas. The therapist will give you a new perspective of the situation that you lived and at the end of the therapy you will feel ‘lighter’.

The objective of the therapy is to make you understand and interpret more constructively the situation that you and your loved one went through. The duration of therapy depends on the problem that you face and how you react to it.