The Problem with Anxiety in Children – Solutions that Work

Anxiety is not only a stress-related problem that occurs in adults, it can be present also at very young ages. Here, you will discover some possible causes, symptoms, and solutions that you can put into practice if your child is suffering from anxiety.

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Some kids when are depressed or anxious might not express their feelings to their parents because they are afraid of being judged and scolded. However, even if they do not express their emotions, other factors indicate their anxious state. One of them is related to sleeping: they might have frequent nightmares, difficulty falling asleep, or constantly waking up during the night. If there is not any major change in your family that can destabilize the happiness of your child (e.g. divorce), the problem might be at school. Another symptom is finding it hard to concentrate.

Talk with the teacher and try to understand how your child relates to the other buddies, if he has a harmonious friendship with his colleagues, or if he is a victim of bullying. Ask the teacher to have a look and in case of bullying, collaborate with the teacher. Bring your child to a Denver metro counseling clinic where a psychologist specializing in anxiety can help your child to overcome this trauma and learn new skills.

Another symptom is irritability. Does your kid get angry easily especially when he does not complete a task?

If you see your child being grumpy and with an exaggerated response for a certain situation, he might have a low resistance to frustration and perfectionism can be a cause of it. What you can do is to improve your communication and parenting style. If you wish your child to always be number one, if you get angry when he fails, what you teach him is to be competitive and perfectionist. Your emotional response can create an anxious reaction in the child all the time when he has to deal with a difficult task and you can teach bad values. Inspire your child with your example, show him that making mistakes is normal, and teach him to admit his mistakes, learn from them, and remain humble.

Another solution that you can implement is to discover what your kid likes to do, and his passions. If you would like your child to play football, but he likes theatre, you will observe your child not only will not be happy to go to the training but also his overall performance (at school too) will drop.

Let your kid express his preferences in terms of activities that he likes, listen to him without judging, and do not expect to be the best of the best always. Be a safe figure that your kid can rely on in moments of difficulty and you see that your child will not hide his emotions, he will grow up with a strong personality and he will successfully manage stressful situations.

Schedule an appointment with a Denver metro counseling clinic where a psychologist specializing in anxiety can help you and your child navigate anxiety by learning new skills and techniques to manage anxious provoking situations.