How Depression Treatment Works with Children

As a parent, you have the responsibility to take care not only financially of your child, but also emotionally; however, it is easier to say than to do it. Every child is different, every child has a different character and way of interpreting his reality, so the parenting style that someone uses with their children can be wrong in the case of yours.

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What you can do is learn to decipher your child’s behavior and ask for the help of a professional in case you need it.

Divorce of the parents, the death of an important person, or moving to a different country with a different language and culture, can be a few factors that create trauma in a child’s heart and a fertile land for depression.

Irritability, aggressiveness, lost interest in the funny things and appetite changes are a few symptoms of a start of depression. If you see behavioral changes in your child, ask for the help of a psychologist.

If your child is diagnosed with depression, different approaches can be used to cure it.

Children process reality differently than adults, as a result, the therapy needs to be fun and engaging. Art therapy, pet therapy, and play therapy are good solutions for mild depression and in case of severe depression states, EDMR in combination with pharmacological treatment can bring good results in several months.

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