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Thrive Notes

If you have ever struggled with maintaining a mindset of positive growth and change, here is a tool that may help towards that end. Thrive Notes is a workbook written by Tamra Hughes, MA, LPC “containing tools and activities for daily reflection. It is for documenting personal reminders of one’s coping skills, triggers, strengths and resources to improve success on the road to healing.” The book is multifaceted and structured to be reviewed each day for improved success at developing and following through with areas of growth.

The brief and easy to follow book begins by inviting reflection on strengths that one inherently possesses or is working to further develop. Thinking about what are defined as internal resources, or sources of strength such as spirituality, successes, inner wisdom, positive experiences, and more. By identifying and articulating these strengths, one is able to more readily access the resources when needed.

The workbook goes on to have the reader list triggers that they may be likely to encounter on a day to day basis. Triggers are events that provoke frustration, anger, sadness, anxiety or other unpleasant emotions. Sometimes these triggers result in impulsive behavior that is later regretted. By identifying these triggers, one is less likely to be blindsided when they are confronted with them. Tools are then described that can be used for grounding and calming, so as to remind one of the many ways they can re-center themselves when feeling overwhelmed.

There is an area for listing ‘gratitudes’, otherwise known as a “thankful list.” This is described in another blog: “Thankful List”.  In essence, thankful lists and gratitude journals, increase the benefits of positivity in a neurological strengthening of positive neural pathways and greater endorphin release.

The workbook is ideally designed to be used in conjunction with counseling, but is straightforward and self explanatory so that someone could use it on their own if necessary.

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More information about this resource can be found on the Resource page of Greenwood Counseling Center’s website.