Premarital Counseling for Couples – Finding Common Ground

Premarital counseling establishes the framework for a strong and long-lasting marriage. It offers a designated area for couples to explore and understand each other’s values, expectations, and communication styles. By delving into these crucial aspects, couples can forge a stronger bond and lay the groundwork for living in harmony.

Grief Counseling and Animals – Can the Two Go Together?

The combination of grief counseling and animals can be a powerful and therapeutic tool for people navigating the challenges of loss. Losing a loved one can often feel overwhelming enough that traditional therapy approaches will not work too well on their own. However, with the help of an emotional support animal, some practices can be…

Mental Health and Young Age: Do Children Respond Better to Therapy?

Studies have shown that the efficacy of psychotherapeutic treatments is uniquely beneficial to children compared to adults. In general, the quality of response to psychotherapy for children is typically much better than with adults. This improved response to therapy can be attributed to multiple factors. One of these is children’s developmental stage compared to adults….