finding inspiration

Finding Inspiration

We’ve all been there: the times when we are lacking motivation, inspiration or direction. It can be a frustrating experience and one in which it feels difficult to stay motivated and continue to grow without encouragement. We all need sources of inspiration, whether it be hearing about how another person overcame their struggles or successfully reached a goal, we need an occasional awakening to refuel our sense of purpose in life. The challenge is finding the inspiration, as not everyone may be inspired by the same source. It may require that you take time to reflect on experiences or people you have met in order to feel inspired. Regardless, being conscientious is the first step in finding the inspiration to help keep you grounded, redirect your actions, reshape your perspective and redefine happiness. Here are some ways to look for it:

  • Spend time with children
    • Children’s perspectives are pure and candid. They often ask more questions than adults and can get you to speculate about things that may have seemed normal to you for years.
  • Surround yourself with nature
    • Not only is this a great place to meditate, but you are putting yourself in the presence of natural beauty and simplicity. You are escaping society and bringing yourself down to earth (literally) to clear your mind and see things in a new light.
  • Read
    • Whether it is fictional or nonfictional, books can provide you with stories about life that you could never have considered yourself.
  • Research
    • Taking courses, watching documentaries, or doing your own research allows you to strengthen your problem solving skills as well as other skill sets.
  • Observe art
    • Witnessing creativity can be fascinating. You can see the uniqueness and diversity of thought.
  • Review past accomplishments
    • Reflecting on what got you through tough times or how you once achieved something you thought you couldn’t can give you renewed strength and self confidence.
  • Talk with people
    • There is something to be learned from all walks of life.
  • Make a bucket list
    • This can help you feel as though you are fully living life with every item you accomplish on the list.
  • Teach someone to do something
    • We learn so much by teaching.
  • Mentor someone
    • To be looked up to can increase your self-confidence and sense of self-value.
  • Attend a conference
    • Learn more about a topic you are interested in and meet people who share that interest.
  • Watch TED talks
    • Many of them explore unique topics that can lead to insight into the many facets of life.
  • Meditate
    • If you have never done it you can also look into guided meditations to help get you started. Meditating keeps you grounded and allows you to be more accepting of the thoughts that come into your mind.

Inspiration is valuable. It allows you to self-reflect on your own successes and strengths. It can help you find new ways to problem solve, and open your mind to new perspectives, or foster new habits. Inspiration can keep life exciting and keep you striving for growth. In times of weakness, self-doubt, and in search of help, inspiration can save you. Bottom line, inspiration is learning. Sources of learning are different for each person, as are the lessons. It is ultimately up to you to choose how to use these lessons.

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