Dawn Goers, MA, LPC

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Trauma therapist

After working with families and children for 15 years in foster care and adoption settings, I developed a passion for empowering people who have experienced trauma, grief and loss, and who struggle with relationship issues. I am an active EMDR therapist and I love the work that I do with my clients who have experienced trauma, providing PTSD treatment as well providing EMDR therapy, anxiety treatment, grief counseling and couples counseling with an emphasis in infidelity work.  I also specialize in family counseling, helping families repair relationships and communication to create more harmonious family interactions.

Life always presents challenges and the ability to move through those challenges with a strong sense of self is important.  I work closely with clients to develop a strong therapeutic relationship, which engenders an environment of safety and promotes healing.

Clients have described me as authentic, with a warm and soothing presence, and my therapeutic style is direct, supportive, and educational. Foundationally, I work from a family systems perspective and use a psychodynamic framework when appropriate. The therapeutic interventions that I use are emotion focused, and are helpful in assisting clients with a variety of concerns.

Although I am not a Colorado native, I have lived in this beautiful state since 1987. Balance is my life mantra! I use all that Colorado has to offer to fulfill my goal of living a balanced life, and to take care of myself, so I can be fully present when working with clients. I love being outdoors biking, hiking and skiing, but also enjoy working hard in the gym training. The most important time is spent with family and friends, eating and sharing our lives.

Professional Development:

There is always so much to learn and apply in the work that I do, especially in regards to trauma. I enjoy continuing to grow as an EMDR therapist, and regularly attend conferences and trainings. Other areas of interest include play therapy and neuroscience, especially within the realm of trauma work.

What I know for sure:

I love the work that I do with clients, and I have learned many lessons along the way. The therapeutic relationship is crucial to the success that clients experience, and my goal is to always make sure that the relationship that we enter into is supportive, trusting, educational, ethical and professional.



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